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Annex Solution is to provide significant leverage in meeting the growing Electronic Security needs of a global economy. Our core technology research group is abreast of the latest Electronic Security technologies..

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Development of high-quality software systems that comply 100% with customer's demands and expectations

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Pursuit of outreach programs with national and international industries to improve worldwide safety, product quality, and economic well-being.

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We are ready to support our customers for any queries and bugs. Contact us on info@annex1008.com or admin@annex1008.com

About us

Today, Annex Solutions is a well-reputed Electronic Security Solutions company with excellent track record and several years of industry experience. We are recognized IT experts in the selected application domains and make every effort to advance in our skills. Spectrum’s approach combines professional development methodology and proven project management with favorable rates.

everal projects have been entrusted to us. Our customers have selected us repeatedly because of our proven Electronic Security Solutions, quality assurance methodologies and testing expertise. Our proven track record assures your project's success. By providing high-quality Systems, within your budget and time schedule your entire software development cycle can be optimized for cost and performance.

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